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The world of 3D printing demands increasingly durable and high-performance materials. To meet this demand, Layerloop has developed two new materials ...

The Layerloop project was launched four years ago by Smart Lab Industrie 3D, with the aim of developing a desktop 3D printer ...

The Layerloop team continues to grow, thanks to the performance and prominence that the Layerloop Next 3D Printer has assumed in the ...

In the latest article published by 3D Natives, following their visit to the Layerloop stand at Mecspe 2023, the best of the best were selected ...


was realised by
Smart lab Industrie 3D Finlogic S.p.A

Registered Office: 
Bari, Via Calabria 12 - Z.I.
70021 Acquaviva delle fonti (Bari)

Entered in the register of innovative start-ups
Subsidiary of the Finlogic Group SpA
Affiliated Locations: Bari, Teramo, Molfetta, Reggio Calabria

Mail: info@smab3D.it
Tel: 080 8890568


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