We are pleased to announce that a new reseller of the Layerloop 3D printer has joined the family. SiDesign was born from 20 years' experience in 3D prototype design and CNC programming, and their aim is to provide an all-round service to those who want to get from idea to finished object in the most efficient way thanks to new technologies such as 3D scanning. We had the opportunity to talk to the SiDesign team and ask them what made them decide to become a Layerloop dealer. 

<> he relates SiDesign CEO Stefano Lembo.

What is the future of 3D printing in industrial applications?

<> continues Stefano Lembo.

We are thrilled to have SIDESIGN as our new authorised dealer and are confident that their experience and knowledge of the Italian market will lead to a greater spread of the Layerloop 3D printer in the country. 

Layerloop is a project Smart Lab 3D Industries & Finlogic SpA

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