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Our dealers

📍Smartlab Industrie 3D, Manufacturer and distributor of 3D printers.

📍Alfacod, system integrator in the field of automatic identification and automatic data capture.

📍Iride Italia, automatic identification and office products.

📍Finlogic SpA, System Integrator traceability and automatic identification.

📍Ecoprint Sas, Smart Printing Solutions in Ragusa and throughout Sicily.

📍Nido 3D Printing, 3D Printing Technologies and Solutions, Rome 

📍 SI3D - Messina , Reseller of 3D technologies

📍SI-Design s.r.l.s. - Emilia Romagna , Resale of 3D technologies

📍Vision Srl - Via Spagna 13/B - 35010 Vigonza (PD)

📍 3DP Services, Reseller of 3D printing technologies and solutions, Venice

📍FD Code, 3D technology reseller, Lombardy

📍NanoE, 6 Rue des Frênes, Ballainvilliers,

📍3DP Services Austria AM Solutions, Österreich

📍 ITC Informatica, Conegliano (Veneto)

📍 Dolomitica 3D, Lavarone, Trentino Alto Adige

📍Unicode SRL, Pisa

📍3Digital di De Zan Davide, Treviso

📍Cream 3D print, Cream

📍 3D Printing South, Salerno

📍A. & G. S.r.l Lorenzo Annibale, Turin

📍Geomedia 3 Srl, Naples

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was realised by
Smart lab Industrie 3D Finlogic S.p.A

Registered Office: 
Bari, Via Calabria 12 - Z.I.
70021 Acquaviva delle fonti (Bari)

Entered in the register of innovative start-ups
Subsidiary of the Finlogic Group SpA
Affiliated Locations: Bari, Teramo, Molfetta, Reggio Calabria

Tel: 080 8890568


3D Printers

UV plotter

3D printer consumables

Franchising 3D Printers

CNC / LASER pantographs


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