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Not only prototyping, Layerloop Extend is your ideal partner for your mass production. 



Thanks to the supplied hot chamber, even the smallest details can be printed with extreme precision with the new Layerloop Extend.

With Layerloop Extend you can print endlessly in a hot chamber by adding as many modules as you need!

Plug-in modules

Thanks to its plug-in modules, you have the possibility to expand the capabilities of the printer to suit your specific needs. Printing with hot chamber precision has never been so flexible: now you can realise projects of infinite size, without limitations.

High precision

With the Layerloop Extend, you enter the world of ultra-high precision 3D printing, thanks to its hot chamber that ensures a constant and uniform temperature throughout the printing process. 

Range of materials

Layerloop Extend's hot chamber opens the door to a wide range of printable materials: from ABS to nylon, from flexible materials to advanced composites, Layerloop Extend can handle a wide range of materials with precision and reliability.

Layerloop Extend offers the performance and flexibility to meet the most demanding industrial challenges.


When proficiency meets design.

Particularly recommended in the medical sector and, more specifically, in podiatry, the Layerloop XE is distinguished by its ability to work with flexible materials, such as rubber.

Enables the production of customised soles and other orthopaedic devices with unprecedented precision and quality

Layerloop XE is the entry level of the Layerloop family. Small dimensions at the service of the medical sector.

Printing flexible materials 

3D printing in rubber allows material parameters such as strength, tear resistance, bending and high torsion to be enhanced,

Ideal for the medical sector 

Layerloop XE is the ideal 3D printer for the medical sector with applications in podiatry. 

New possibilities and elimination of media needed during the printing process.


WHAT IF THE POWER OF 3D was infinity

Layerloop  Next is a desktop printer  an open chamber characterised by a 30° print axis that allows the traditional limits of 3D printing to be overcome.

With Layerloop Extend you can print endlessly in a hot chamber by adding as many modules as you need!

30° tilted axis for media-free printing

The 30° inclination of the print axis allows the production of finished parts without any print media. 

Desktop dimensions for series production 

Don't let the size fool you. The carbon fibre printing roll allows Layerloop XE to produce 24/7 for unattended mass production of your parts. 

Over 15 3D printing materials 

From PLA at CARBONmore than 15 materials available for printing, Produce your prototypes, parts or finished products with materials ultra-resistant. 

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With Layerloop say goodbye to large printers for industrial-scale 3D part production. 

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