In the latest article published by 3D Nativesfollowing their visit to the stand Layerloop at Mecspe 2023, the best 3D printer manufacturers in italy.

"Italy's place in 3D printing and the additive manufacturing is becoming more and more relevant on a national and international level. The solutions on the market today are proof of this: Italian manufacturers offer solutions for almost every type of 3D technology and, above all, high-quality machines, from the smallest in desktop format to large-scale, industrial or large-scale additive manufacturing, also known as Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM). So who are the Italian 3D printer manufacturers? We have grouped the main market players here, in alphabetical order, dividing them according to the solution offered into the following sections: material extrusion solutions (desktop, industrial and LFAM); metal 3D printing solutions and photopolymerisation-based 3D printing solutions."

Read the full article here

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