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plus resistant.
More performers.

With Layerloop say goodbye to large printers for industrial-scale 3D part production. 

Layerloop is the size of 0.06 m2 and is able to print parts from infinite dimensions 

Produce your prototypes, spare parts or finished products with materials ultra-resistant.From PLA at CARBONover 10 materials available for printing.

industrial 3D printer


Smart, fast, industrial

Layerloop is the world's first 3D printer capable of mass-producing objects integrating tags RFID o NFCthrough a printhead proprietary and patented. 

Part of the technological focus of this system has been directed towards the conversion of 3D printing to a desktop system for the mass production of small batches in a wide range of polymers and engineering plastics, up to carbon fibre composites.


Take advantage of the LAYERLOOP EXTENDED WARRANTY promotion.

From 23 September to 31 December when you buy a Layerloop, the world's first desktop-sized 3D printer for industrial production, you receive an extended warranty valid for up to 3 years. 

With Layerloop EXTENDED WARRANTY you receive:

-Extension of Warranty up to 3 years 

-Technical Assistance and Helpdesk

What is included with Technical Assistance? 

Thanks to the capillarity of Layerloop Distributors & Technicians throughout the Italian peninsula, our staff can assist you in the entire process of setting up your industrial 3D printer and follow, step by step, your growth process into industrial production through 3D printing. 

Desktop-sized industrial production

Serial printing
without an operator.



Choose the material according to your needs.

Choose the right material for your industrial 3D production. 

Durable and elastic materials for your 3D printing. 


Produce your prototypes, spare parts or finished products with materials ultra-resistant. From PLA at CARBONover 10 materials available for printing.

Smart Object

Printing products with RFID & NFC tags

Layerloop is the first 3D printer capable of producing Smart Objects,
thanks to the proprietary printhead that automatically includes 
RFID / NFC tags inside each 3D printed object where required!

of each size

No limit to the format!

Thanks to its Layerloop technology it handles an infinite print volume (200mmx260mmxinfinite).

Despite its desktop size, the inclined axis and roller allow Layerloop to print objects of any size, with no limitation due to format. 


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Production h24
7 days a week

Layerloop 3D is designed to producing in a continuous cycle thanks to its inclined print axis and the mat that acts as a print table. Thanks to Layerloop we have the print format limitation typical of all other 3D printing systems optimising time!


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With Layerloop say goodbye to large printers for industrial-scale 3D part production. 

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SmartLab 3D Industries together with its subsidiary Finlogic S.p.A., which produces with 3D printers, provides all-round service and support, from product selection to after-sales consulting and training courses.

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