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SmartLab 3D Industries together with the partner Finlogic SpA has developed extreme experience and awareness related to the world of industrial production and design.


SmartLab Industrie 3D assists you in training your staff in both machine operation and CAD/CAM design with the most common software.

3d moderation and 3d printing course


SmartLab 3D Industries will helps not only in the routine and extraordinary maintenance of our machines but also in the development of automated machining and production procedures thanks to Finlogic Spa's qualified technicians located throughout Italy. 


Layerloop it can be connected to the internet and with your authorisation it can be managed remotely either to perform system updates or to check its functionality, or to control it remotely during production activities.


SmartLab Industrie 3D can assist you with your digital manufacturing decisions thanks to more than 30 years of experience in handcrafted and customised production of consumer products in many sectors such as interior design, cabinetmaking, violin making, doors and windows, sports equipment, modelling, composite material processing and many others.

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