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What if...?

This is a simple question that every manager or entrepreneur asks themselves when evaluating a new opportunity for their company.

Today, we at Layerloop are asking you this question: what could happen if you decided to become a Layerloop reseller? How could the Layerloop project revolutionise your future and that of your customers?

Come and find out by attending the exclusive Layerloop Partner Summit!

What if...?

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Smart lab Industrie 3D Finlogic S.p.A

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Bari, Via Calabria 12 - Z.I.
70021 Acquaviva delle fonti (Bari)

Entered in the register of innovative start-ups
Subsidiary of the Finlogic Group SpA
Affiliated Locations: Bari, Teramo, Molfetta, Reggio Calabria

Tel: 080 8890568


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