Transition 5.0 for your production

Layerloop, produttore italiano di stampanti 3D industriali, accoglie con entusiasmo l’introduzione del nuovo Credito 5.0, disponibile dal 2 Aprile,  sottolineando il suo impegno nel promuovere la sostenibilità ambientale e l’innovazione tecnologica. Attraverso la nostra gamma di stampanti 3D – XE, Next e Extend – offriamo soluzioni all’avanguardia che si allineano perfettamente con gli obiettivi del […]

Francesco Faga: Channel Sales Account Manager at Layerloop

Il team di Layerloop è entusiasta di annunciare un nuovo arrivo importante all’interno della nostra azienda: Francesco Faga, il nostro nuovo Channel Sales Account Manager. Con un ricco background nel settore dell’Additive Manufacturing e precedenti collaborazioni con importanti nomi del settore, Francesco ha scelto di unirsi a noi, attratto dalla nostra visione rivoluzionaria.   In […]

Benefits of 3D printing in the medical device manufacturing sector

Benefits of 3D printing in the electro-medical device manufacturing sector Reinventing the supply chain with 3D printing How much does 3D printing cost? The answer to this question is by no means an unknown and the cost of the components you 3D print can be easily calculated and estimated well in advance! Unlike traditional methods, the cost [...]

Benefits of 3D printing in the window/fixture sector [3DP case study with Layerloop].

3D printing advantages in the window/fixture sector [3DP case study with Layerloop] Efficient supply chain management today requires a reconsideration from a 'Lean' perspective, which we summarise as 'Agility+Flexibility'. In the context of windows and doors, the implementation of Additive Technologies, in particular 3D printing, reveals significant advantages. Let us take a closer look at the opportunities [...]

Layerloop is part of the Business Digitisation Voucher

The Piedmont Region has introduced a significant initiative to support the digitisation of SMEs through the 'SME digitisation voucher' programme. This programme aims to finance the digital transition of Piedmontese companies, considering the specificities and characteristics of the regional production fabric. One of the highlights of the call is the inclusion of 'additive manufacturing and 3D printing' among the [...]

SIDESIGN: New Layerloop dealer

We are pleased to announce that a new reseller of the Layerloop 3D printer has joined the family. SiDesign was born from 20 years of experience in 3D prototype design and CNC programming and their goal is to give an all-round service to those who want to get from the idea to the finished object in the most efficient way thanks to new technologies such as [...]

Layerloop: €400m also earmarked for the purchase of 3D printers

As of 18 October, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia will have the opportunity to access the facilities provided by the 'Sustainable Investments 4.0' measure. The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has allocated 400 million euro to incentivise innovative and sustainable business investments. [...]

NIDO 3D: The new Layerloop retailer 

We are pleased to announce that a new reseller of the Layerloop 3D printer has joined the family. Nido 3D Printing, a 3D printing technology and consulting services provider with several offices in Italy and a main office in Rome, has become an authorised reseller of Layerloop, the world's first desktop 3D printer [...].

Laygreen: The new 3D material for durable and flexible printing

The world of 3D printing demands increasingly durable and high-performance materials. To meet this need, Layerloop has developed two new advanced 3D printing materials: Laygreen Pro and Laygreen Carbon. Both materials are designed to withstand high mechanical and thermal stresses, and are ideal for industrial applications. The 3D material for the [...]

Manlio Donativo: The technical manager of the Layerloop project

The Layerloop project was launched four years ago by Smart Lab Industrie 3D, with the aim of developing a desktop 3D printer for industrial production using a particular 30° axis printing technology.We had the pleasure of interviewing Manlio Donativo, Technical Manager of the project, who provided us with interesting information on its development and [...]


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