Take advantage of the LAYERLOOP EXTENDED WARRANTY promotion.

From 23 September to 31 December when you buy a Layerloop, the world's first desktop-sized 3D printer for industrial production, you receive an extended warranty valid for up to 3 years. 

With Layerloop EXTENDED WARRANTY you receive:

-Extension of Warranty up to 3 years 

-Technical Assistance and Helpdesk

What is included with Technical Assistance? 

Thanks to the ubiquity of Distributors & Layerloop technicians throughout the Italian peninsula, 

Our staff can assist you throughout the process of setting up your industrial 3D printer and follow, step by step, your process of growing into industrial production through 3D printing. 

With the Helpdesk Service, one of our specialised technicians can offer you direct assistance on your Layerloop even remotely, configuring Layerloop for you with your computer systems. 

Layerloop technicians and distributors are present in 6 Italian cities, discover our distributors by clicking here and request information to start your industrial 3D production. 


was realised by
Smart lab Industrie 3D Finlogic S.p.A

Registered Office: 
Bari, Via Calabria 12 - Z.I.
70021 Acquaviva delle fonti (Bari)

Entered in the register of innovative start-ups
Subsidiary of the Finlogic Group SpA
Affiliated Locations: Bari, Teramo, Molfetta, Reggio Calabria

Mail: info@smab3D.it
Tel: 080 8890568


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